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How to Become an Air Traffic Controller



Air Traffic Controller Jobs

Air traffic control is a stressful occupation, but one of significance. Every day,  Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control specialists guide their airplanes from take-off to landing. A job as an air traffic controller isn't easy to acquire. There are strict requirements and a quantity of training in the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. For the work, these pros are well compensated. But the question arises, How to become an air traffic controller ?

Job Description

From their point of view in air traffic control towers at airports, controls follow and planes movement both on the earth and in the atmosphere. When a plane takes off and leaves that control's airspace, it is handed off to another traffic control center ATC pros take control of flights.

They do all this with the aid of radar, computers and visual references. The most important focus on the air traffic controller is safety, but keeping the circulation of airplane moving to lessen delays is very important too. But becoming an air traffic controller isn't an easy job.

Education & Experience Requirements

There is no one has set the path to becoming an air traffic controller. An individual needs to have three decades of progressively responsible work experience, a bachelor's degree, a 3 year combination of post secondary education and work experience, or a diploma from an approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program. But there are non-education prerequisites too. Air traffic control applicants must be U.S.

Taxpayers and pass medical assessments, drug screenings and background checks, and a behavioural consistency exam that assesses if a candidate's character meshes with what's necessary as an air traffic controller. Candidates should pass the Air Traffic Skills Assessment, or ATSA. If you can pass these tests, you're qualified to enroll at The FAA Academy for training, the duration of which varies dependant upon your education and experience. You have to be under 31 years old before registering at the academy to be eligible.


Of the almost 25, 000 Air traffic Controllers in 2016, the majority, 89 percentage, work for the federal government.

The rest are engaged in air transport support activities or at professional, technical and scientific services. Air Traffic Controllers usually work in control towers, approach control facilities or en route centers, the latter of that monitor air traffic that is in the practice of flying from one destination to another. These positions aren't generally located at airports, however, the other types.

Air Traffic Controller Salary

Years of Expertise:

In accordance with the BLS, the 2016 median salary with this profession was $122, 410. The air traffic controller salary increases with additional training, however it also depends upon where they're employed. Entry level cover a controller while training in the academy is $18, 343 a year, plus locality pay for Oklahoma City. Locality pay ranges from 14.35 percentage to 35.75 percentage, based on the location where the person has been employed. After graduation, a control begins at $38, 193, not however it eventually ranges between $49, 666 and $144, 195.

Employment Growth Trend

Rivalry for airport regulation positions is solid. As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with military experience as an air traffic controller have a slight favorable position. The department predicts that work of ATC authorities will develop around 3 percent through 2026, which is slower than normal. Employment development is constrained in light of the fact that advancing innovation will enable individual controllers to oversee more air traffic work.

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