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Video Traffic X Review

What is video traffic x affiliate program

You know that ranking for your web site content isn't easy, there are always hundreds of web sites competing for the .1 place according to which niche you're in. But, Google is known to give preferential treatment to Youtube and ranks videos very easily for the same keywords. So Andy and Walt decided to do a wordpress plug-in that may turn your web site content into VIDEOS.

Any article or blog post you've on your site, this plug-in converts to a TALKING video with images. Here's how it works:

Step1: Add an article.

You may also use the content search feature to find relevant articles in your niche and use them for creating videos.

Step2: Select Images and set Music+Voice Options.

Step 3: Enter Youtube Video Info so it can post the video for you.

Step 4: simply click CREATE and your video will be created in minutes.

That is with step 4, you can download a MP4 video file instantly. It is Hi-def quality and has top quality audio too. The plug-in also posts your new video automatically to your youtube account. All this is quite simple to do and would take a good 10-15mins per video if you had been to do it manually in video editing software. The thing that most impressed me was the SPEECH TO TEXT that works incredibly well.

It doesn't sound robotic at all plus they seem to have a very good voice engine for that. Among the essential things to notice is they've a backend configuration of servers that does the creation of the videos and processing. So your hosting/server does not have any load on it. The disadvantage is that if there are too many individuals creating videos, it may take a few minutes to get your video created. They've a queue in place for this. Feature that could be added - Email Notifications with link\/video info once the video is created.

In addition the UI might be nicer looking. I've grown to appreciate products which have a useful interface with icon and various other kinds of pleasing elements. But so long as the product works, I do not mind the UI much. Another suggestion for the vendors is to add support for other languages. Which will assist get more traffic since now you can utilizing the same article and create videos in 5 or 10 different languages. That could be EPIC :)

Overall : It is very distinctive product that does exactly what it promises, there's no hype or over promise and having a wordpress plug-in do all this with strong servers on the back doing the heavy lifting is very smart.

Video Traffic X Discount

You can secure a great discount during the first week of the launch of Video Traffic X. During this short window, prices will be at their lowest that they will ever be. So you should make your decision to purchase early.

The most successful people in business have the ability to make decisions quickly. Savvy business men and women are able to take make decisions based on instinct from whatever information is available, even if it is very limited.

That said, you will have an unfair advantage in deciding if this tool is for you since you can see a full prelaunch Video Traffic X review right here on this blog.

And if after watching the review, you’re still on the fence, you can check out the exclusive Video Traffic X bonus that we have put together for those that take action and decide to purchase while the launch discount is still available.

So what are you waiting for? After the launch ends, you will never get these crazy low prices. So review the content and bonuses we have set up for you and make the decision to buy with the Video Traffic X discount today.

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